britneyxtina (britneyxtina) wrote in hilton_sisters,

Paris Hilton or Sophie Monk?? HOT or NOT?

so i wanna know if its true that "HOT" & sexyyyyy Paris Hilton ruined  the relationship between her now boy toy Benji Madden and Sophie Monk?!? is that right?? because I guess Benji and Sophie were engaged?!!?  I think Sophie Monk is pretty...pretty HOT...  but Paris Hilton just has this girly sexiness to her...I dono....what do you guys think??  Before this whole thing happened with Paris and Benji honestly i hadn't even heard of this Sophie Monk girl LMAO!!!!  but then i decided to ck her out  Sophie Monk Looking Sexy in Men's Style Magazine!...and hey...NOT SO BAD...if you guys know what i mean??  so what do you guys think??  Paris Hilton or Sophie Monk?? hmmm....  love to hear some opinions ;)  either way though i think were finally seeing Paris content and happy with  i feel like shes found true love and i think she needs it too :)
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